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Back and Forth Along the ‘Citation Trail’

An essential part of the research process involves following the ‘citation trail’. Traditionally, that has meant tracking down the sources that have been cited in bibliographies of relevant articles. This path leads backwards in time to articles that form the foundation for ideas expressed in the initial article. The Ebsco Business Source Premiere database, not only shows us the path backwards to locate an article’s antecedents, but the path forward in order to see how the article has helped advance the research.

Take, for instance, Susan Fournier’s article on brands and relationship theory as cited in Ebsco’s Business Source Premiere:

Consumers and their brands: Developing relationship theory in consumer research. By: Fournier, Susan. Journal of Consumer Research, Mar98, Vol. 24 Issue 4, p343, 31p, 1 chart, 1 diagram, 6 graphs; (AN 349797)

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Mac’n it in a Windows World: Perpetuating Us vs. Them

I was attending a conference with my trusty Macintosh Powerbook and, at one point in the proceedings, a new software technology was being presented. “Does the software work with this?â€? I asked lofting my Powerbook so that the presenter might see it. Of all the possible responses, the one I least expected from this particular community was; “Why don’t you get a real computerâ€?. Continue reading Mac’n it in a Windows World: Perpetuating Us vs. Them