Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Devil Wears Mac

My wife and I just watched The Devil Wears Prada last night and, far from any subtle product placement, it seemed that Macintosh computers had a featured role in the movie. In the reception suite for “Runway Magazine” were two desks, each outfitted with a handsome, 23″ (I think) Apple Cinema Display. We got to see both receptionists working on their G5s and we were even treated to the Mac OSX “genie effect”. The Stanley Tucci character had an Apple cinema display in his studio, the Meryl Streep character was working on a 17″ MacBook Pro, and in the hotel room of the freelance writer was the subtle outline of a white MacBook.

The movie itself was less than exciting. My eyes glazed over with talk of Calvin Klein skirts, and Jimmy Choo shoes. The most dramatic moment in the movie came when Miranda (Meryl Streep) carelessly tossed her coat onto one of the receptionist’s desks and it landed right on top of one of the cinema displays. Would a button or zipper mar the screen? How could this character be so callous and uncaring? Alas, we would never know the consequences of those actions.